The Princess Fables

The Princess Fables

THE PRINCESS FABLES, is a collection of eleven inspirational stories for young girls who still dream of being a princess and young boys who dream of adventure. Each story focuses on a different princess that embarks on a journey of self-discovery and along the way, learns the importance of trust, devotion, courage and the power of love.

Author, Marc Clark was inspired to write The Princess Fables when his daughter was beginning the first grade and was not happy about attending school. When he would wake her each morning, whatever she would say to get out of going became the subject for A Princess Fable. If she’d say, “I don’t want to,” he’d make up a tale about The Princess Who Always Said, “I Don’t Wanna.” If she pulled the covers over her head, he’d tell her the story of The Princess Who Hid Under the Covers. By the end of each fable, he’d have her dressed and ready for school with her eyes wide open and full of hope.

“I loved your stories! They were soooo awesome!”
Your Awesome Friend, Sadie 3rd Grade, Balboa Magnet School

The Royal Fables:

The Royal Fables

THE ROYAL FABLES is a labor of love for all of those involved. It is a collection of five inspirational stories, full of adventure, fantasy and humor for children who want to create their own happy endings. Marc The Ready or Not Foundation teamed up with Texas Children’s Cancer Center last summer. Children submitted story ideas to Mr. Clark which he turned into five Royal Fables then the children and their friends and family drew the illustrations for the book. All the proceeds go to The Ready or Not Foundation to fund pediatric brain cancer research for the hospital.

“"I love that the characters in The Royal Fables deal with the challenges of real life, but Marc Clark also adds some comedy into his stories. It's not too serious and there's always a lesson!”
- Becca, Age 11
5th Grade, Hesby Oaks Elementary

Winner - Best Children's Book Silver Medal Winner - Marc Clark Honorable Mention Awards